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School Financial Management Institute
Week 2

*Subject to Change
Holiday Inn North

2007 SFMI Week 2 Best Practices Page

Budgetary Conflict Resolution
This session will deal with effective ways to resolve conflict within your organizational structure. Discussion will include specific techniques for conflict resolution and problem solving.

Personnel Issues
This will be a two-part session. One half of the session will be a discussion of school districts' compliance with wage & hour guidelines. The other will be a discussion of general personnel law and its practice in school districts.

Risk Management
There are many risks facing school districts today that can lead to serious financial loss, not to mention the potential disruption of operations and loss of reputation. This session will discuss the Risk Management process to assist attendees in understanding how to manage this array of exposures, including such things as transportation, construction, extra curricular activities and many more. There are many resources available to the administrator from organizations such as insurance brokers, third party administrators and a variety of consultants on many topics.

Cash Management
The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of cash management techniques and how to apply them in school districts and a discussion of factors to consider in structuring short-term investment.

Change Management
The ability to administer the financial program in a period of unparalleled change such as we have now is one of the biggest challenges in a school district. These sessions will focus tools to help the school financial manager deal with change.

Capital Construction Process
These sessions will focus on the construction process from A to Z. Beginning with planning and the selection of architects and construction firms, through the BG-1 and bond issue processes, following the entire construction process from start to finish.

It's all about the Data
This session will address the various data submissions required by the department and the associated timeframes. The discussion will address the importance of data quality and the impact on district operations.

Registration Fees:
(this includes hotel accommodations (reserved by IBMC), instruction, materials, parking, scheduled lunches and refreshments.
(When you have completed the registration form you will reserve your confirmatin packet via email.)

Programs Dates & Information

November 12 - 15, 2007
Holiday Inn North
Newtown Pike

Lexington, KY


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