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School Financial Management Institute

Week 1
November 10 - 14, 2008

*Sessions At A Glance*
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*Subject to Change
Location: TBA

Week 1 Announcement Flyer

Financial Management & Overview
This opening session will give an overview of the various sources of revenue in a school district and which funds account for the spending of said revenue.

Transportation & Food Service Mgt.
This session will be a split session focusing first on the issues relating to the transportation function of the district, including the formula used to calculate funding from the state. The second part of the session will focus on issues related to school food service and the Federal School Lunch Program.

Legal Timelines
This session will center on the various timelines and due dates for information required by statute and regulation. Focus will be on effective techniques to insure timely fillings of information.

Communication Skills
The focus of this session is on enhancing interpersonal skills and relationships. Developing skills in listening and in communication is the key to operating an efficient and effective finance office.

SBDM Allocations and Budget Cycles
This session will be a discussion of allocations to school councils and the various regulations and formulas involved in those budgets. Additional discussion will center on the general budget development cycle for Kentucky school districts.

Conflict Resolution
This session will deal with effective ways to resolve conflict within your organizational structure. Discussion will include specific techniques for conflict resolution and problem solving.

Local Funding for General Fund
This session will focus on local taxes as a revenue source for the general fund. Discussion will involve how to determine tax rates, requirements for increasing tax rates and relationship to the budget process.

Purchasing Policies & Operations
This session provides an overview of the role of purchasing in school districts, organization of the purchasing operation and development of basic policies and procedures as they relate to the two acceptable purchasing models.

Facilitative Leadership Skills
This session looks at how important effective leadership skills are in running a school district finance office. The discussion will center on techniques that allow for you as supervisor to provide effective leadership.

Budgeting for School Districts
This session will provide an overview of the budgeting process as it relates to governmental entities. Discussion will center on budgeting techniques and concepts with an emphasis on budgeting terminology.

Capital Funds Management
This session provides an overview of the management of capital funds. Discussion will center on funding for capital projects, debt service management, fiscal agents, and construction issues.

Audits and Internal Controls
This session will be split between discussions on the audit procedures for school district audits and issues related to setting up internal control structures in the school district.

School Activity Funds Management
This session will focus on the correct operation of school activity funds, in particular, following the guidelines set forth in "The Red Book".

State Funding for General Fund
This session will focus on the formula used to make the state SEEK calculation. Included in the discussion will be the concept of Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

Consolidated Planning
This session will lead participants through an understanding of the grant programs common to most schools and the specific regulatory requirements in place for the spending of these grant funds.

Registration Fees:
(this includes hotel accommodations (reserved by IBMC), instruction, materials, scheduled lunches and refreshments.
(When you have completed the registration form you will reserve your confirmatin packet via email.)

Programs Dates & Information

November 10 - 14, 2008
Holiday Inn North
Lexington, KY


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